Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology

"Wars and Guns"

On a sunny Sunday morning, after a great breakfast at home and some time spent doing nothing, me and my husband finally could put on some nice outside clothes and leave home with a plan to visit “Van Gogh Alive” at Tophane. However, we found ourselves on the ferry going to Eminönü . We did something unusual for us and headed for Eminönü AliUsta Çiğköftecisi, which is a nasty(really, it doesn’t look very nice) small place where you can eat great, delicious, double filled çiğköftes, without thinking on it much.

After I ate half of my food and my husband ate the rest one and a half, we wanted to spend some time to relax at Gülhane Park. Unfortunately, I was almost depressed when I saw how crowded it was; almost impossible to sit under a tree, watch the beautiful tulips and forget our busy lives for a moment; till the moment we unexpectedly decided to “have a look” into Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology . As we entered the museum with little expectation of finding anything interesting, it turned out to be a great journey through time and history. We could observe the improvements made on lots of areas from astronomy to watches (about 10 parts; maths, physics, medicine etc.) and could see lots of miniatures of the interesting inventions. Even though I am not much capable of understanding a lot about science, I admired people who sacrificed their lives to contribute to the world on their own way.

I strongly suggest you to visit this great museum. However, pay attention to begin your tour at least 2 hours earlier than its closing hour, since it takes longer than you expect to visit every part of it.

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