Oxford Seminar at Beykent University: Session 1

"Oxford Seminar at Beykent University"

I have to confess that it was extremely difficult to wake up in the early hours of the day, leave my warm bed and come to the university. However, I thank Meghan Beler for the great sessions she organized, they were very helpful.

First Session: Classroom Management 1

We began the session with a great “get to know” activity which I want to share here. Megan asked us to write down something which is true for as but not true for anyone else in the class on post-its. Afterwards, we sticked those post-its all around on the walls and walked around to read others’ post-its. I found someone else who spent 9 years away from her family and lived in a dormitory so I had to change that information.

Classroom management is a very-well known, mostly-discussed but most-difficult-to-do issue. I have been reading, listening to and talking about it since the first day of university education but it still sounds quite tricky.

The session started with the analysis of aspects of classroom management some of which are;

  • seating,
  • emotional environment,
  • class dynamics,
  • how we manage different parts of the lesson,
  • how to guide them through an activity,
  • building relationships,
  • using resources etc.

After revising these aspects and talking about the importance of classroom management, we discussed some important element which are important for classroom management such as using the board, handing out materials, giving instructions and asking questions.

Using the board:

  • Write the aim of the lesson at the top,
  • Have section where you write vocabulary and important information which you don’t want to erase,
  • Have ab organized board to help your students organized notes.

Handing out Materials and Interaction:

  • First give the instructions and then the hand outs,
  • Make your instructions clear, support them with examples,
  • Try to include only necessary information and use your gestures.

Asking Questions:

  • Your questions need to be balanced; information(display) or opinion(referential) questions.
  • Make your questions natural,
  • Give students time to think,
  • Encourage student questioning.

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