Better Than I Hoped

In my last post, I shared the hesitation and nervousness that I had before beginning a new module with enthisuasm but fear of failing. It is great to say that I haven’t had to face the fear I mentioned, on the contrary, I feel better with the   belief that I have changed a couple of things with my teaching for good thanks to several conferences I attended and the seminar in our university.

First of all, I am clearer with my instructions and the structure of my lesson. I make my students aware of what they are going to learn and and which vocabulary items targeted have been learned. Moreover, I give more importance to regular revision of recently learned topics. Additionally, I have realized adding some fun with various activities is easier with a couple of hours of preparation.

I have to admit that all of my students were not open to all of those changes and some even resisted the part required  action. Although I believe it is because they are repeating the module for 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time and it won’t be easy to motivate them, these changes will improve the quality of teaching I do in the class and their learning.

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