Magic Beans Growing

Have you ever had the feeling that a spider web has been covering you and it makes it harder to move? Have you ever felt that you have been having the similar experience you have had many times before? Then, it is time to get out of your cacoon and become a butterfly.


All of us, all English teachers, all teachers and even all people have the buried curiosity deep down in their minds, souls and personalities. This curiosity is the savior that will open new doors for them and turn them into butterflies to discover the world. Curiosity and desire to become better are the magic beans which will help us reach the high clouds of knowledge, content of our professional improvement, self-realization, better classroom management, better understanding of our profession and more.


At the end of two years of experience, I have this feeling and this is why I have a blog. Blogging is one way of sharing the ideas blooming in me, sharing the experience I have and keeping them fresh. It is also helpful to encourage myself to produce more.

Another way is using Twitter. The only reason why I have a Twitter account is to get the benefits of unending link tweets, shared experience and have a personal network. The Internet is an extremely vast area and people you add to your twitter list might be a good guide to find your way depending on your profession.

Seminars and conferences are also very inspiring for professional development. While they give you great ideas to use in your classrooms, after a while you feel that it is the time you also share something in these conferences rather than just being an observer. I believe that  next year will be the year I will actualize my plans about making presentations.

Being observed by your colleagues and observing them will also teach you a lot. In the process of teaching, it is difficult to understand what could have been better. But, some friendly advice will be useful. In the same way, observing your friend may help you to analyze your own teaching and give some useful ideas.

All I have mentioned above and more will help your magic beans grow and help you reach your aims and dreams.

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