A Fresh Start


In my DELTA application, I wrote an essay on how realizing the importance of experience had changed my life. In the first week of the new academic year at Beykent I realized it better.

There is no way that I would change the passion of a novice to being an experienced. However, I have to admit, adding some experience to the passion in my bowl has made a great salad for a healthy academic year, and I am preparing myself- let’s say orienting- not to change the taste of it by adding anything irrelevant  such as impatience.

There are a number of things I believe I have been managing better this year. First of all, having a better impression on my students on the first day both of myself and of English was easier. Not speaking Turkish   in the first lesson at all and having a variety of communicative activities to adapt students to the English class worked well. In the second lesson  there was no way other than using Turkish to orient my waystage students about the class and school rules. However, talking about why and how to learn English and where to find it other than class helped me to encourage them for the benefit of future classes.

Another useful change in my classes is the use of an educational social network area called “edmodo”. Although we have a moodle system for information exchange between the students and the teachers, having a less formal but still a formal sharing system till the subscription of all of the students into the moodle will be motivating for learner autonomy and discovery and raise some awareness of the out-of- class learning ways. In spite of the limited number of subscriptions into edmodo, I have almost half of the students of my two classes and some activity going on there. I will share how much motivating and how useful it will be and how to use it in the near future after experiencing it.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new week and I wish I would have the same passion and belief that this year would be much more better at the end of this week, too. Other than being a teacher, I should also get used to being a DELTA student as well since I  had totally forgotten it with the excitement of the first week and now it is time to be more than one again…