About Me

    I grew up in a small village with my dreams. My dreams and determination opened doors to  bigger worlds. In that  small world where girls are not expected to become anyone other than wives and mothers, I and my sister were the first girls who could break this chain. Now, I am an English teacher and my sister is a nurse.

I studied at a boarding teacher training high school at Bursa and graduated from a prestigious university in Istanbul. In my first year, I taught young and very young learners at a private school. Now, I have been teaching at a university for about a year.

As I planned, I had a two-year break after university to get some experience, but next year I am planning to start a master program or DELTA since I believe someone who teaches must not cease learning; never ever.

I feel the passion in my heart, I believe that I also have a lot to share but I also feel that I have a lot to learn.


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